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Our team is a tight-knit group of travel enthusiasts, each bringing a unique blend of expertise and a shared passion for creating unforgettable adventures. From seasoned travel experts to creative minds crafting immersive experiences, meet the faces behind the scenes who work tirelessly to turn your travel dreams into reality.

Image of Christie Moss - Travel Agent

Christie Moss

Travel Planner

Christie is a Colorado native and began traveling when her husband joined the Army and they moved out of state. They lived in Georgia, Kentucky, and even Germany for 7 years. While in Germany she was able to travel to many of the surrounding countries and has returned overseas several times. She has also seen most of the United States with only 4 states to go. After he retired, they eventually took up cruising and loved it! She says, “there’s nothing better than waking up in a new place and you don’t have to worry about a thing! Total relaxation and fun!” Traveling changed Christie’s life and opened her eyes to all the wonderful things that the world has to offer and would love to share some of her experiences and knowledge with you. 

When Christie isn’t traveling, she loves spending time with her 3 daughters and their families. She has 4 young grandchildren and enjoys making memories with her 4 young grandchildren. She can’t wait to travel with them once they are older and see their eyes open to travel. She also loves animals and has a small menagerie at home.  

You can schedule a consultation with Christie by mentioning her name on the the Trip Inquiry Form on the Contact Page.

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