What Do We Plan?

International travel, plus Hawaii and Alaska is our specialty!  We cultivate custom itineraries that involve many components that we coordinate for you.

What types of services do we plan out to create the perfectly planned trip?

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Ocean and River Cruises
  • Private Transfers
  • Private Tours
  • Private Excursions & Activities
  • Private Dinners
  • Beach Events
  • Private Events, etc. 

We bundle all of these components together to create a seamless experience no matter what the travel goal.

So who comes to us for planning these services?  Individuals, couples, families, groups, destination weddings, corporate incentive groups, etc.  

No matter the size of party traveling, there is no need for you to take on another full time job of planning. 

Here’s a few examples of the types of trips we regularly plan – click on the type of travel below to read more about how I help take these trips from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Daily's Designation

First of all, we only have positive things to say about our experience working with you for our honeymoon. From the start, you listened to exactly what we were looking for and provided us with multiple iterations of itineraries as our preferences changed the more we learned about our options. You were incredibly responsive over both email and text and made the process super smooth! We also really appreciated that you helped us at the very last minute as we were afraid we might have to cancel the trip just a couple of days before. You immediately made necessary phone calls in order to provide us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to travel. Luckily we did end up traveling and our trip was nothing short of amazing. We loved every leg of our trip! We had a blast in Miami for the weekend before heading down to St. Lucia. Once in St Lucia, we spent time at two different resorts where the service was top notch. We both agreed that we enjoyed spending an equal amount of time at each resort (a balance of relaxing and calm and then a little more of a party scene). THANK YOU for helping us make it the trip of a lifetime. We had so much fun and will remember it forever. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Mark & Charlie Designation

I know the importance of working with travel planners when considering landmark destination vacations. Working with Samantha is a dream come true. Words cannot adequately express her many attributes and the benefits of working with her, but I'll do my best. Samantha is a world traveler herself, so she knows the 'ins and outs' of travel, the importance of thoughtful planning, and personalized itineraries that maximize the individual's desires. Samantha is an active and engaged listener. As a result of listening and meeting a few times, she proposed an itinerary. She is flexible and accommodating. Her advice and counsel helped us to make wise choices and she connected with tour groups, experts, or cohorts to provide us applicable and useful advice in making our final decisions. Never once did we feel uncomfortable asking for changes or tweaks. Her goal is to ensure each traveler has an unforgettable experience. She follows up and follows through. Any time we reached out, via email or phone calls, Samantha not only responded, she provided information or advice that far exceeded our expectations. I felt I could ask her anything without feeling my questions were 'stupid'. Samantha is kind, thoughtful, professional, and collaborative. For the above reasons (and many more) we will maintain a relationship with her for our landmark travel needs.

Lauren and Peter Nunez Designation

I had the best experience working with Samantha over the past year. I had a destination wedding and she not only helped coordinate the travel for me and my husband, but our entire guest list. In the beginning, she sent me several options for resorts to help me decide on what worked best for us and our guests. When it came time to plan the wedding, she reached out to the hotel and was able to get us in contact with the weddings team. She would also follow-up with the hotel and weddings department on making sure all coordination was complete and that it would be a smooth process. People would often ask me how I was so stress free planning my wedding and I would tell them because I had the best travel agent. I couldn't have imagined doing any of this without her. On the way back my family had issues with flight delays, she took the time to ensure they were placed on new flights and didn't have to stay overnight anywhere. I cannot say enough good things about working with her!

Single, Couples, Family, Multigenerational Travel

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking romance, a family with diverse needs, or a multigenerational group, we’re here to align your travel goals with the perfect destination, amenities, and activities.

For solo travelers, we understand the desire for like-minded companions or the joy of solitary exploration. Couples and families have unique preferences, and our exploratory consultation ensures tailored recommendations that match your distinct travel style.

Multigenerational trips offer a chance for quality family time, free from holiday expectations. We recognize the delicate balance needed for family travel and provide solutions like babysitting services, family-friendly guides, and adventure-focused trips.

Parents seeking relaxation can trust us to find destinations with adult-only activities or engaging kids’ clubs. Designing a custom family vacation is our specialty, ensuring every member’s needs and personalities are met. Let us handle the details, so you can enjoy a seamless and memorable family getaway.

Groups - Friends and Social Clubs

Gather your friends – whether it’s a ladies’ escape, guys-only adventure, or a mix of pals. Busy lives often keep us apart, making travel the perfect opportunity to reconnect. Let us handle the logistics, so everyone can anticipate the trip stress-free.

Friend getaways extend beyond childhood or work buddies; they encompass social groups like book clubs, pickleball teams, dance clubs, and more. If you share a hobby, we’ll guide your group to the perfect destination, even arranging for unique activities like pickleball on cruise ships.

Regular meet-ups at home strengthen bonds, but traveling together adds excitement and unforgettable experiences. Let us simplify the complexity of planning for a new destination, keeping your groups, clubs, and organizations growing and excited.

Have a group in mind? Unsure where to start? Reach out, and we’ll ensure your group is still reminiscing about the trip next year. Click the link below to set up a chat – let the adventures begin!

Honeymoons & Destination Weddings


The first trip as a married couple is so special as you start a new adventure together.  But honeymoons can feel like a lot to take on. After the elation of getting engaged, once you start getting into planning the wedding and the massive list of to-dos, it can become overwhelming with the options for destinations and experiences.  The pressure to feel like you’ve made the right choice is something we hear many couples fear.  But that’s where I help.

You two were a match made, now let us play matchmaker between destinations, adventure experiences, intimate private dinners, or whatever your heart’s desire, for two people already in love.

If you’re overwhelmed with all of the honeymoon advice you’re getting from family, friends, or colleagues, it would be an honor to help create and design your dream honeymoon.

Destination Weddings

With the ever rising costs of weddings in the US, more and more couples are seeking a more affordable, yet fun way to bring their closest loved ones together in a beautiful destination to start their married lives together!   

Don’t know the difference between legal and symbolic wedding laws in each country? What resorts offer beach and non-beach ceremony locations? Or locations where there are adult only and family sections of the property so everyone attending can spend their free time around the wedding the way they want?  Should you go with a contract for rooms or have guests book individually?  The questions go on and on and on for decisions you’ll have to make.  There are so many more that we walk you through and take all of the uncertainty around planning this day off your shoulders.   Click below to set up a call and know you have destination wedding support on your side!

Anniversaries and Celebration Travel


Maybe you didn’t get the chance to take your honeymoon, or want to keep that honeymoon feeling going each year!  That is where Anniversary travel is also where we provide valuable advice and expertise!  Not all destinations or types of travel are geared to these types of celebrations, and maybe you’re not sure how to make a normal vacation a step up to really celebrate your special day, that is why you’ll want to click below and set up a call.  You can even take all the credit for planning!

Celebration Travel

For those once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, let us handle the planning, coordination, and flawless execution. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, graduation, quinceañera, bar or bat mitzvah, surprise engagement, or vow renewal, personalized celebrations are gaining popularity for their intimate and quality time with loved ones.

If you prefer the gift of shared experiences over material possessions, we can not only manage logistics but also elevate your celebration to an unforgettable experience. Let us make your special day all about you. Click here to schedule a time to discuss every detail and make your celebration truly personal and exceptional.

Corporate Incentive Trips and Business Retreats

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a large corporation, planning incentive trips or retreats often becomes an additional, time-consuming task. Yet, these events are critical for team cohesion, morale, and celebrating success.

Corporate Incentive Trips and Retreats, whether for a small startup or a large corporation, offer invaluable benefits that go beyond traditional incentives like money or raises. Travel incentives foster a sense of appreciation and trust, enhancing employee loyalty and team collaboration in a setting outside the typical office or virtual meetings.

Retreats, focusing on team building or strategic planning, create unique experiences that contribute to a closely-knit group. Shifting the setting fosters creativity, stress relief, and strengthens connections, providing an exceptional return on investment for any business. Ready to plan your next Corporate Incentive Trip or Business Retreat? Click here to get started.

Ocean and River Cruise Vacations

Cruising is a fantastic way to bring families together and spend time getting to see the world.  Multi-generational travel is perfect for cruises – there is something for everyone – all day and night!

Not to mention, spending time in a “floating hotel” can be welcomed when you don’t have to pack and unpack to see multiple countries in the same trip. It can provide a more relaxing experience for those that don’t prefer to fly, train, or drive between many destinations. 

I have sailed many ocean, river, and expedition cruise lines to match my clients to the brand that fits their needs and wants for cruising.

“Thanks to Samantha, Jeff and I had the best 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration! The Symphony of the Seas did not disappoint! Thanks, Samantha for all of your help booking our cruise!” – Jeff & Melanie Ridenour

There are so many different reasons to travel and all are important! That is why you’ll want an expert on your side planning and taking care of every detail, every step of the way.

Even if you’re thinking of planning for the future, now is the time to set up a call!

Tad and Maci Chance Tad and Maci Chance

I will no longer travel internationally for a destination trip without using Samantha. From the beginning Samantha made sure she understood what we were looking for and how to make our trip special. It all started with our custom presentations of the different options she chose for us and we were quickly able to select our trip with all the great info and videos she produced. While on our trip there were some possible weather concerns and Samantha was already on it keeping updated on if we had to make any changes, thankfully we were fine. When we returned home, she checked in to make sure the trip was everything we wanted. This trip was more than we even expected and we had the most amazing honeymoon in Belize. Samantha nailed it and picked the perfect location for us.

Josh and Sidney Grkman Designation

Samantha was absolutely amazing to work with while planning our trip to Punta Cana. Since we’ve never been out of the country, the thought of planning our honeymoon was very overwhelming. After connecting with Samantha, all of our worries instantly went away! She handled just about every aspect of our trip, from the plane tickets to the excursion bookings to the transportation services everywhere we went. We can’t thank her enough for guiding us through this experience! We would HIGHLY recommend Samantha to anyone & everyone, and will 100% be using her to help us with our future travels!

Nikki & Chris Cherry Designation

Chris and I had the most amazing first week of marriage with the help of Samantha, our honeymoon was completely magical! She made the planning process easy and stress free, we got married during hurricane season so we were concerned about picking a location. Samantha was super knowledgeable and was able to provide us with a list of locations that have little to no impact from hurricane season, that also fell in line with our must-haves and strict budget. After booking she continues to provide us support by checking in to ensure we had everything prepared for our trip and she even connected with us a week prior to our trip to advise on what to expect while traveling so that we would have everything we needed. She was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding process and we are forever grateful.

Michael Culver & Family Designation

Samantha, our trip to Riviera Maya was amazing! Really appreciated the experience and you are great to work with (especially w/ the limited criteria I provided initially). Loved having everything taken care of, the consistent communication, and Jackpot on location/resort selection! The resort you chose was SO fun! Your passion for travel and personal experience in recommending destinations is exceptional. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Shannon, Belinda and Eric Designation

We never could have made this trip possible without the amazing planning skills of Samantha, who made 6 different countries in 2 1/2 weeks a breeze! So many good memories we will cherish forever.

Jenn & Kevin Thomas Designation

Samantha has been incredible to work with while we planned out our honeymoon. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service she provided. I can’t wait to enjoy our Caribbean honeymoon. Highly recommended agent!!!!

Andrea & Christian Rolland Designation

This team is so responsive and thorough getting all the little details right. Samantha made my travel planning so much easier and decreased my stress while traveling internationally. I highly recommend her and her team for any travel planning!